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The Anti-Shoe – Strategies to Save Money

By Paula Whitmore

One of the most popular walking shoes on the market is the anti-shoe, also known as MBT shoes. Unlike conventional footwear, it has a sole design that promotes instability and a natural rolling movement for the feet. The success of the anti-shoe is due to the positive effects one receives from head to toe. Benefits include more toned muscles, a decrease in back pain, a better posture and an increase in calories burned. The biggest hurdle for most that are interested in this footwear has been price. In this article, I’ll give simple strategies to save you money.

Before you make the decision to buy the anti-shoe for yourself, you should go try them on and get fitted. You can find several local retailers near you and speak with one of the MBT trained professionals. That person will assist you in getting properly fitted for this footwear as well as teach you how to walk in them. It’s important to get properly fitted because these shoes run a little different than most,  and they will take measurements of your feet length and width to ensure a correct size. You will first notice when trying them on and standing up that they feel awkward and will feel an imbalance, which only lasts a little bit as you get used to them. It is a good idea to walk around for a while just to get a feel for the anti-shoe motion.

After you have decided that you like the anti-shoe and want to buy a pair for yourself, you should consider looking on the web as your first strategy to save money. Start by researching different retailers looking for discounts and clearance items. You can often get a much better deal, sometime as much as forty percent, by purchasing this footwear over the internet. Since the recession has taken a strong hold, all of us are looking to save money and cut back. One way you can do this is to purchase the anti-shoe at a website.

Another strategy to save money on the anti-shoe is to consider buying discontinued styles. There are several types available including shoes, boots and sandals. Most of these are prior year models and a lot of on-line retailers are trying to get rid of them and have huge markdowns. The newer models usually sell for around $250, but several of the other styles sell for $150 or less.

A final way to save money when buying the anti-shoe is to consider using of the several shopping comparison sites found on-line. Sites like Yahoo! shopping and Google Base provide a great way to find the best deals all in one place. Another benefit of these types of sites is that a lot of the retailers offer free shipping.

The bottom line is that you do not have to have a lot of money to start enjoying the benefits of the popular anti-shoe. Just follow the simple strategies of where and how to shop for this footwear.
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